Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pop and Son

Hanging out in Boulder with Jeremy that a CIGARETTE in his hand????

Trippy Pics

Well, southeast Utah. We'd left the utterly forgettable town of Blanding Utah, turned right where the map indicated "picturesque", and had enjoyed a very nice drive through one of the many unknown massive vast valleys in which this part of the country specializes. Then, back to rather bland, flat, high chaparral. Thinking we'd seen what there was to see and on to Monument Valley. Driving the speed limit: 65 m.p.h. on a paved two lane road. Miles and miles of this. Suddenly, a non sequitur: signs warning us the speed ahead was 35; the road itself turning to gravel. Too weird; not possible! Suddenly, we flamed out onto this precipice. It doesn't matter the speed you are going, if you are unprepared for the earth to immediately fall away a thousand feet at your feet, it is hair-raising. Gasps from everyone in the car, including hizzoner the driver.

It is called the Valley of the Gods.
There are these ghostly stone monuments, themselves a thousand feet tall, scattered throughout a 25 mile valley as far as eye can see.

The hairpins were paved; the rest was dirt.

Looking back to where we'd just come.
Monument Valley, which I had come to know about through the novels of Tony Hillerman, was spectacular, but really. How much eye candy can one mere Midwesterner ingest in one day's drive?

The photos, of course, do not do justice to the view.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Childe Abuse

Or is it? You make the call.

This is Colin, 26 plus years ago, on one of those Fall weekends when Deb was off in Milwaukee finishing her nursing degree, and the kid and I would take off on various adventures. This pic was taken at the World Watermelon Festival, in Pardeeville, WI. No, I'm not force-feeding the Houli-Mouli. I'd give him a bite; he'd gobble and gag, and then I'd give him another bite.
This was, of course, the festival where I was a member of the Four Man World Championship Seed Spitting Team. We were all pathetic, but we had one guy who could really get some mileage out of a seed. The secret was picking the right seed. You knew that. I honestly have no recollection of where Colin was while I was competing. He may have been competing in the speed eating contest.

What a cute baby. Where'd I get those glasses?

Heartland Furniture (that's me) New Web Site

I've finally gotten a business web "presence." Is that right? Presence? REAL presence? Ok, anyway. I've slogged together something that is halfway respectable but not too respectable, as is my wont. Please feel free to take a peek. It features lots of photos of past work, in hopes of encouraging future work. I do like to work.

You'll find me here. The site is still being developed, so go easy on it. My guy Scott who has been helping from a distance has already pointed half a dozen things--"nitpicky stuff" he calls it. They don't sound nitpicky to me, but I'm probably hypercritical as is my wont.

Did I mention you could find my new business website here?
Ah. Oh.