Monday, July 2, 2007


The 21st Century's ultimate Me-Tool: a personal blog. Ok. Ok...I'm doing this for the conversation, all right? You don't have to take part; just know that I tend to like to "guide" conversations and a blog ownership seems like the best way to do so. I'm going to invite my book club buddies: Millie, Ted, Mike, Tim, the Bartletts, and Scott. I'm going to invite some of my other friends. Maybe this will work, maybe not. Let's see what happens.

The title? Well, YOU try naming a blog! As a Lutheran Christian (Score one for Wormwood, there.), I enjoy talking to pagans and other believers in ersatz deteriorata. And there are all of these random thoughts that occur during the workday: why not publicly journal them?

Best wishes to my future readers. May God have mercy on you.


Bruce Gee said...

test, test, ok test.

Unknown said...

Once-married? When did you guys get divorced??

Bruce Gee said...

Dude. "Once-married" means married once. Not married, once.
But, nice to hear from son #1 anyway!

Janet Pedder said...

Would like to see more fam pics...:)
your sis, JP

Rebecca said...

Geesh! You need to get another job, Bruce! Way too much time on your hands my Dear.

Love you anyway!

Your seester, Rebecca

TKls2myhrt said...

Bruce! I can't believe you started a blog and didn't tell me. At least I discovered it within the first month. I don't read the blogs like I used to, but I'll definitely add yours to my much smaller must-read list.

If you are 29, then so am I!

Theresa K.

Orycteropus Afer said...

Bruce, a slightly belated welcome to this strange world of Lutheran blogging. You're now listed among other confessional Lutheran bloggers in the BBOV.