Thursday, July 26, 2007


He should be flying high, sound asleep, the Aleutian Islands somewhere to his right and far, far below. Jeremy has been sent to Korea to interact with and interpret his older brother, Colin. And see the world. At least, that's his story, and when I put him on a plane this afternoon at O'Hare, he was sticking to it.
The flight I put him on (In a manner of speaking.) was headed for Detroit (This is modern airlines' version of pulling back the arrow before letting it fly.) where the Bub would catch another, much larger flight to Tokyo, and then on to Seoul. The flight to Detroit was delayed, arriving only 26 minutes before the Tokyo flight pulled away from the gate. We were given to understand that the two gates were miles apart. I told Jeremy about that old OJ Simpson commercial, where he sprints through an airport, leaping over luggage and old ladies, in order to catch a flight. I'm thinking something like that happened in J's case.

Jeremy promises a blog, an attempt to be more descriptive and thorough than his very talented but neglectful older brother in providing us a literary picture of modern South Korea. Hey, maybe modern North Korea, too! And since their travel plans in the next two months include Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand, probably those places as well. When he publishes, I'll let you know. After reviewing it for suitable content, of course.

Jeremy is launched. As I returned home from Chicago, I felt like Sam Gamgee returning from the misty havens after saying goodbye to Bilbo. "I'm back," I said.


Anonymous said...

Any word on whether he's landed safely?


Bruce Gee said...

The Ogle has landed.

Of course, he and his brother had neglected to confer as to where they would be meeting at Seoul airport. There was a flurry of emails and phone calls (although Colin had "lost" his cell phone that day...) between Seoul airport and the Gee home, trying to sort it out.
They finally found each other, and moved Jeremy into a suddenly-much-smaller one bedroom apartment. But he brought DVD's! All is forgiven!