Sunday, July 8, 2007

Episcoslamic Muslipalian Ann Holmes Redding*

And you guys in the bookclub thought you were clever with your "Methobapticostal" schtick. Here is a woman who has outdone you, seamlessly merging her Episcoplian priestess role with a belief in Islam. You can read all about it here: (Scroll down a bit)

Couple of questions.

When she reads in the Koran that all infidels must die, except those with whom a treaty has been signed, does she take action against herself? I'm a little fuzzy here. Neil, help me out.

I guess she doesn't believe in very much about Jesus that we would consider common place. So who are we calling God now? Who's name gets invoked?

As I inputted (Izzat a word?) on Ed Veith's Cranach Blog, my theory is that it is just getting harder these days to set oneself apart from other mere "Episcopalian Priestesses", for obvious reasons. All the good theories have been taken; you can write a book but who's going to read it?

Help me out, Book Club. I have a burning need to know.

*The title is taken from the weblog cited above.


Anonymous said...

Episcoslamic Muslipalian ?!!

I believe you may have coined two new words !!

(Maybe three, if we include "imputted".)

I suppose a person can be an Episcoslamic Muslipalian.

However, being one must be much harder than trying to spell it.

Bruce Gee said...

INputted. Oh, forget it. I'm done with making nouns verbs. And vice versa. And done with imputations as well, I suppose. Although I don't really know what that means.

In both spelling and being one, one must go verrry slowly, I'd think. Or cut and paste.