Wednesday, July 25, 2007


" Thomas Jennings , alias Ghenning , of Pancras was indicted for assaulting John Wharton on the Highway, and taking from him 11 s. in Money . He was a 2d time indicted for assaulting Avis, the Wife of John Freeman , on the Highway, and taking from her 6 s. the Money of John Freeman . He was a 3d time indicted for assaulting Elizabeth Freeman , Spinster, on the Highway, and taking from her a Purse, value 1 s. and 4 s. in Money , on the 25th of July last. "


Anyone with an interest in Dickens, for example, or who has read or watched Rumpole of the Bailey, or read the exceedingly good novels of Patrick O'Brien, will find this website fascinating. It is the compleat record of the proceedings of the Old Bailey, London, from 1674 to 1834.

Here is a tasty morsel:

"An Irish man walking by a Watchmaker s shop, and observing no body in it, takes up a Watch fairly in his hand first, as if he were going to cheapen it; but seeing no body come out of the house to speak to him, loath to lose so convenient an opportunity, goes his way with it : but a Gentlewoman over the way took notice of him, and the people pursuing him, he was overtaken, and the Watch found upon him in his hand. He now pretended he meant not to steal it but onely stept out to speak with one; but the Case was plain enough, and he found guilty of Felony, and burnt in the hand ."

Burnt in the hand, indeed. That'll teach him to go his way with it!

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