Monday, July 30, 2007

Faith and Happiness

My 13 year old daughter and I watched The Pursuit of Happyness tonight. I'd had it hanging around on Tivo for a month or so, thinking if the right time came around...

This is a wonderful film, reminding me often of a similar film about a father and son, Life Is Beautiful. Both put a father in an impossible situation, fraught with problems that threaten to wash over the character and destroy him. The films end differently, but both move resolutely toward a kind of costly human triumph . Both show faith in the face of overwhelming odds.

What the odds evince are the wonderful qualities of human life: character, honor, determination, self-sacrifice. Thumos, perhaps. These qualities never grow old in story-telling, and when the story is well-told, the results are memorable.

I highly recommend both films.

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