Monday, July 2, 2007

In The Family Way

Here's the situation abroad:
Son #1 is currently in Korea, we're told. These are the days when an enterprising young man no longer looks to America as the land of opportunity. Much more can be gained materially by teaching the Korean Yanks the President's English. And they have baseball over there!

Here's the situation at home:
Son #2, having completely corrupted my daughter in both her musical tastes and bedtime, is leaving us to join Son #1 in Korea, with stops no doubt in Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand. He also has plane tickets for Spain (via Paris), and Brasil.
Daughter #Only is Left Behind, I think gratefully. We've begun to plot what to do with the boys' bedroom. We're taking over the Netflicks queue! There is a plot afoot to visit Ireland! The refrigerator is OURS!! That sucking sound we've been hearing? GONE! A dessert will remain a dessert for more than one night! For the first time since 1982 there will not be a male majority in the house. Um, that is the one thing I haven't really come to terms with.

I WILL get topical in this blog, but let me get the personal stuff out of the way first. This blog business, I mean I've only been doing this gig for like, six hours. And I haven't really gotten started on baseball yet. Or what the book club is reading next.


Robin said...

I resent that, father dearest.
I'll have you know that, despite whatever other sorts of Jeremy's music I listen to, My favorites will still remain unmovingly with the Beatles, S&G, and often Suftan Stevens.
The bedtime... I cannot account for.
We can't all be morning people.

Bruce Gee said...

I stand corrected. As long as I'm still "father dearest"!

Oh, but we all CAN be morning people! Well, never mind.