Thursday, October 30, 2008

Treasury of Daily Prayer

It has arrived.

What I like best:

My other volumes of daily devotions consist of scripture followed by a meditation written by the author of the devotion. This volume's meditations consist, apropos of the readings, of quotes from such sources as: Martin Luther, Martin Chemnitz, Tertullian, Walther, Hugh of St. Victor (yes!), Cyril of Jerusalem, Thomas a Kempis (!), and that old Cappadocian, Gregory of Nazianzus, among a host of other witnesses.

Did I mention Martin Luther?

The daily structure of the devotions:
OT Reading--extensive
NT Reading--extensive
Writing (commentary)
Prayer of the Day
Suggested Reading from the Book of Concord.

There is a section containing the various daily liturgies: Matins, Vespers, Compline, etc.
The Psalms are included in their entirety.
Prayers for the Baptismal Life--wonderful title!--include a range of prayers for life's many situations and complications.

The editors scattered quotes from hymns and the church fathers throughout the book. An example, p. 1320:

The sea of this world lies between where we are going, even though we have already seen where we are going. And what has God done? He has provided the wood by which we may cross the sea. For no one can cross the sea of the world unless carried by the cross of Christ.
-Augustine, tractatus in evangelium Ioannis 2.2
There is much more to please the eye and heart. Overall, very nicely done. If you can swing the price, get yours in leather. For a more detailed and comprehensive review, see here.

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Ethan said...

Gah, I want one even more now. Especially after taking Hymnody & Liturgics here, which gives a much deeper understanding of this stuff.