Wednesday, October 17, 2007


You see, I'm new to this blog game. I've been tagged, I'm told, by Lutheran Lucciola, the brat. She has in turn been tagged by The Elephant Child--a more interesting blog name I haven't run across. I gather one is to confess to the world--the small world that comes across one's blog (small indeed!)--seven things about oneself which one claims to be...."true". But, what is truth? Let's see what I can conjure up...

1. I met my wife at Phase One of Teacher Training in northern California. We were in training to become Transcendental Meditation teachers; spent the summer doing a lot of meditation, eating veggies, and listening to lectures by Captain Video aka Maharishi Mahesh Yogi till we were stupified with transcendence.

2. We're in our 19th year of homeschooling. As principal, I principally loom in the doorway on occasion.

3. I continue to hold the record at Ski Hi Apple Farm for the Most Apples Picked In One Day. Something in the 170 bushel vicinity. Most of the people who witnessed the event are dead, but the record lives on. Immortality!!

4. As far as being a savvy businessman goes,, I'm a really good lawn mower.

5. Baptized by my grandfather. I was there, I guess.

6. I became a Lutheran, I kid you not, because it was the closest church to my house.

7. I was once a member of the World Champion Four-Man Watermelon Seed Spitting Team. Pardeeville, WI, September 1984.

They say that confession is good for the soul but bad for the reputation. But I feel GOOD, you know! Now, I pass the baton to: Mental Llama, Once A Fool Always A Fool, and Ed Veith's Cranach Blog, if I can get them to respond.


Lutheran Lucciola said...


I love the yogi part. Too much!

Elephantschild said...

Note to self: When picking a blog name, remember that picking the title of a famous story by a classic author of English literature is going to make it really hard to get your blog above the fold* on a google search.

Glad you like the name! And whew, I'm glad you weren't next to a Unitarian "church."

*above the fold: my made up word for the top 700 pixels or so of a webpage - the part that can be seen without scrolling down. (insert toothy grin here)

Bruce Gee said...

Oh elephantschild, I like the "above the fold" thing. 700 pixels, eh?

Well, it had been five years as an agnostic in a Calvinist church before that, if you can believe it. The Confused leading the Confused. And it was too far of a drive to that church just to be Confused. Having had my appetite whetted, I looked around for something for the simple minded, and Lutheranism was a perfect fit. Not that the Lutherans haven't had moments of regret, mind you. I keep bumping into their glass walls...