Sunday, October 28, 2007

Reformation Day Lectures, Part II

Bethany College, Mankato, Minnesota

Paul Gerhardt Lectures

There were two lectures given on the life and vocations of Paul Gerhardt. Both were very academic lectures, heavily focused on the history of his life and the times he lived in. Both were very useful particularly for those of us who did not know a lot about his life prior to this. The second lecture was held in the chapel, and featured a capella singing of several of his hymns.

However. If you would like to read a really excellent essay on the actual hymns of Paul Gerhardt with clear analysis of what he was writing about, read this by a Father Theophilus, given in May at St. Catherine's Theological Seminary in Canada. This is found at a Lutheran Blog entitled Northwoods Lutheran.

In the circle of the living
Each man works at his own craft,
Which, he knows, is duly fruitful;
Yet the one that gains most praise
Brings high honour to his God
With the songs that praise his name.

In his circle every singer
Who has made a skilful song
As a present to his Maker
Will receive his due reward;
But the best is he who sings
With devotion in his song.

P. Gerhardt

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