Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Well, no. Actually, I'm off this week to hear the Reformation Day Lectures at Bethany College in Mankato, Minnesota. These lectures started many years ago with, I'm told, a presentation by none other than Hermann Sasse himself.

That's quite a legacy.

This year the lectures focus on Paul Gerhardt: His hymn writing and his theology. I think there was a sort of Bernie Taupin/Elton John thing going on way back when in Germany. No, not that. I mean that Gerhardt would write Christian poetry and his church organist would set it to music.

My favorite Gerhardt musical lines?
From When I Suffer Pains and Losses

"Under burdens of cross-bearing,
Though the weight may be great,
Yet I'm not despairing.
You designed the cross you gave me;
Thus you know all my woe
And how best to save me."

I'll take notes. And haunt the very excellent Bethany College Bookstore!

I'm off to see the Norwegians, the wonderful Norwegians of Mankato...!


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Unknown said...

He is taking a Norwegian along with him. I don't know if it is the one with no brains, no heart, or no courage. Perhaps when I return I will find out what Oz gave me.