Monday, October 22, 2007

I strolled out into our backyard this evening to walk the puppy. There was a light tinge of pink and blue--very pastel--on the horizon and I thought, "That's pretty, in a subtle way. It would take an accomplished artist to find those colors." Pup and I walked past the chicken ark, through the apple trees, and up a slight rise where I stooped to stroke that gorgeous soft German Shepherd puppy fur. When I stood up, I turned to see
where a few minutes before was subtlety and ebbing light.
I just happened to have my camera phone in my pocket.

What an astonishing change. It was like a curtain had parted to display an extravagant stage of color and light. Nice work, Lord.


Lutheran Lucciola said...

That sunset looks like a desert show you would see in Arizona! Do you normally get those colors out there?

Bruce Gee said...

Our Summers can have some pretty spectacular sunsets due to the prevalence of cumuli, but by late Fall we're usually stratified and low. It was the fact that I looked, and then looked away, and a few minutes later looked again and Lo! This burst of light and color was a shock. How'd that happen so quickly?