Friday, September 14, 2007

The Pope and Bad Church Music

It seems Protestants and Lutherans aren't the only ones who have had to suffer through generations of bad contemporary music. The Catholics may have invented the form, in fact. But Pope Benedict is taking a new direction, and sending some fairly clear signals in his acts of commission and omission.

A. He boycotted a performance of Christian pop music in Loreto last week. Stayed secluded in a shrine praying, did he.

B. In Vienna last Sunday, Benedict celebrated mass with a complete performance of Haydn's Mariazeller Mass (Well, the subject matter does not appeal, but the music, the music!). Intends to make a habit of it, he does.

C. Word on the street is that the papal master of ceremonies is retiring. Accused of introducing elevator music into the liturgy, he also modernized the papal liturgical garb. Benedict may find a way back from there soon. Look for fiddleback chasubles to make a comeback.

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