Wednesday, September 26, 2007


"Speech codes. Censorship. Enforced political conformity. Hostility to diversity of opinion. Sensitivity training. We usually associate such things with the worst excesses of fascism and communism, not with the American universities that nurtured the free speech movement. But American higher education bears a disturbing resemblance to the totalitarian societies that are anathema to our nation's ideal of liberty."
from Indoctrinate U's website

Well, it is no secret that America's universities have been very liberal for a long time. Lib-agenda hatchlings have been issuing forth from the law schools, liberal arts and education departments as a matter of course. What has become increasingly awful however, is the fascist restriction on free speech and ideas that have slowly descended upon our campuses.

A few weeks ago in the mail I received (I'm on one of "those" mailing lists, I guess) literature from a group calling itself the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, Inc. Their concern is censorship on campus, and they would appreciate some of my money, of course. According to their brochure, "FIRE defends and sustains the individual rights of students and faculty on our nation's campuses." And good old Milt Friedman is quoted:
"Over the course of a long lifetime, I have witnessed a serious decline in tolerance and respect for freedom in the academy. FIRE is currently the most effective force countering that trend. It deserves the support of every believer in a free society."

Along the sames lines is a new documentary about to have its premier at the Kennedy Center in Washington.
Indoctrinate U is a documentary telling a story of the political correctness and controls on speech on campuses around the country. Go here to see an amusing but alarming video outtake filmed at Columbia U in New York.

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