Saturday, September 1, 2007


Yes, isn't she cute? Among other pastimes, I now am learning to get up early to run the little furbucket, before It All Happens in the hallway somewhere. Puppies are very good at readjusting lives. All they have to do is look deeply into your eyes, and whisper the words: "I'll be a big sumbitch in about six months. You've got that much time to train me up, or I'm all over you!" Fear and intimidation, the gifts that keep on giving.

This one is a German Shepherd; ergo the smartest canine we've ever been around. The gift of a very generous breeder in Eagle, WI (Cranach blog readers will know her as Another Kerner), we brought her home on a rainy night after a wonderful afternoon and evening of talk, food, drink, and Gettin' To Know Ya.

She now goes by the name of Anke, although occasionally I find myself calling her other things as well. We are lovin' our puppy! You'll be seeing more of her here in the future.


Lutheran Lucciola said...

Oh, that face!!
Do you give her commands in German? I have friends that do that. Seriously, there are breeders who started the puppies on German commands, so now the new owners find it best to keep using that language with them.

It's pretty funny to hear them command the dogs in the park, and see people observe. ;-)

Bruce Gee said...

No, no one speaks German in this house. We do have kids that have all studied Latin though. Maybe we ought to train up this good Lutheran dog in Latin!

Quo vadis, Anke??!