Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Pecha Kucha For Lutherans

Twenty slides for twenty seconds tells your tale. Is it performance art or sports for designers? And why not make the topic, say, Christian vocation? Someone call Higher Things! This has possibilities!

A few years ago, two designers, Astrid Klein and Marc Dytham came up with an arts event format they called Pecha Kucha (A Japanese term for "chit-chat")(and pronounced "peh-chak-cha") which has been sweeping the globe in certain "arts/designers " circles. I imagine it has become completely passe by now in those circles, which means it is just the right time for it to become hot in Lute-ran circles.

You can read more about it here, but the idea is to say all you have to say in twenty vignettes lasting twenty seconds, via powerpoint slide (and music, I suppose). Now were we to apply this to, say, the entire Old Testament, or topics such as Vocation, the Book of Revelation, The Book of Concord, or What I Did At Jesus Camp, it could make for an interesting and thoroughly entertaining evening.

But would it be art?

Book Club: prepare your dvd's!

Here is another site that features Pecha Kucha


Lutheran Lucciola said...

I think this would definitely be needed for architects, because they go on and on and on.....

I'm not sure if my expression stuff would work with this, though.

Bruce Gee said...

Zmatter of fact, the founders of this art form said the exact same thing: architects can't shut up; this is a means for them to communicate without completely dominating the evening's conversation.

On another level, however, it assumes an art form in the same way a sonnet does: by forcing the creative energies of the artist into a prescribed and "restrictive" format. To the modern mind--we of free verse and abstract art--this may appear to put a constraint on creativity. In fact it focuses and directs creativity and thus heightens it. This seems counterintuitive to postmodernists, but there you have it.