Tuesday, September 25, 2007

ALT ENERGY, Updated.

The top four alternative energy resources are: Wind; Synfuel; Solar; Geothermal.

Which one shows the best promise?
Wired has the story.

Of the four, geothermal appears to have the most upside. MIT scientists are refining a process by which cold water is pumped onto hot bedrock. Besides the very bad possibility of causing an earthquake...! Tapping into the energy at the earth's core sounds to me like a millenial winner. And as this can be done anywhere on the planet, the problems of distribution of energy could be minimized.

All of these forms have negatives--just as oil does. Perhaps no one of them will ever be as versatile as oil. And there are downsides to decentralizing energy sources in terms of our personal convenience. Nevertheless, it is great to see sizable sums of money going into R&D in these various alternative forms of energy.

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