Friday, August 24, 2007

Meanwhile, Israel....

Have you noticed that you haven't heard a lot about the Israeli, Palestinian conflict lately? I mean, if like me you don't normally have it on your radar screen, but are made aware of it by headlines and the occasional news story. A few years ago, it seemed every week there was a story about a Palestinian blowing himself up in a Sbarro somewhere in Jerusalem. Perhaps Robert Frost's poem was right. Perhaps "good fences" DO make "good neighbors". Read on:

"Things have quieted down since the erection of the security fence. The number of successful attacks has been reduced by 90 percent — though the world (from the International Court of Justice to so-called human rights groups) has clucked its disapproval. Israelis are no longer living with the kind of gnawing daily anxiety they suffered between 2000 (when Arafat rejected 95 percent of the West Bank and launched the second intifada) and 2004. Not that life is normal. The first gift Israeli parents give their children continues to be a cell phone."

The rest of Mona Charon's story can be found here.


Anonymous said...

"Have you noticed that you haven't heard a lot about the Israeli, Palestinian conflict lately?"

Are you kidding? We hear about the conflict all the time through the ELCA. Just this month the Churchwide Assembly passed the measure described here:

The Simon Wiesenthal Center responded with this:

Have you ever visited the ELCA's Peace not Walls or its Middle East Connections pages? You won't find a clue there that the number of suicide bombings has fallen or that the end of occupation in Gaza has resulted in daily rocketing of Israel:

Bruce Gee said...

Well, it is rather abundantly clear that ELCA's politicos have never understood the function and generall overall usefullness, of walls.