Saturday, August 4, 2007


The famous photograph "Grace", by Robert Enstrom (and hand-colored by his daughter Rhoda Nyberg)-- prints of which have adorned American homes since the 1920's --will be a familiar one to many.

Some years ago, my sister Rebecca invited our father to her home and hired a photographer to try to duplicate somewhat the famous print.

How'd they do?


Robin said...

Hmm... Grandpa's beard needs to be a wee bit longer.. and the Bible(I assume it's a Bible...?) in the picture isn't quite as big as the one in the painting, but otherwise, it's not bad.

Unknown said...

The interesting thing in the pictures is the changes which technology brings. The Bibles are different sizes because of the improvements in paper making and printing. The glasses, bowl, knife, and bread also differ for the same reasons. Technology "dates" both pictures.
Of course, what does not change is the important message: that 1) the Bible is the Bread of Life that tells about Christ and eternal life, and 2) no matter how much or little one has, people should thank the Lord for what He gives each day.

Anonymous said...

Great reproduction!, but just one important thing. The original picture was taken by Eric Enstrom in 1918 and his daughter Rhoda Nyberg later hand colored prints of his photograph.

Bruce Gee said...

Thanks Anonymous, whoever you are. I'll amend my post.

Anonymous said...

it was called a family book not a bible