Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chat Pack Question, Encore!

It is time once again for another age-old question, just to restart the conversation.

What age when you turned it--
was the most difficult for you to accept?

And on the other hand...

Which of your birthdays do you remember anticipating
with the greatest amount of enthusiasm?


Bruce Gee said...

Ok, I'll go first.

Most difficult? Three years ago, followed by two years ago, followed by last year. Time, slipping away...

Most enthusiastic?

Probably eight years old. The idea of BIRTHDAY had had time to mature, and had not yet had time to overripen.

Although, to be honest, 40 was pretty special.

Ethan said...




Bruce Gee said...




Scott said...

Ok, today I had the question posed in my own head so it seemed somewhat relevant to this topic. Birthdays are pretty meaningless to me, for a guy who has always been stuck between 7 and 62, each one meant nothing more than unwanted attention. Wife loves attention, I hate it, hence a successful marriage.

However, this summer I turn 40. And I simply don't know what a man does in his 40s. 20s I got me some education. 30s I raised 4 kids. What's supposed to be next? Do I earn a pile of cash? Work for the respect of others? Get professional acumens? endeavor to persevere?

I'm being modern and putting off the midlife crisis until at least 50, so that's out.

Need some hints here.

Bruce Gee said...

Scott: as far as I can tell, you're accumulating vocations. You'll still be raising kids, believe me. You'll still be getting an education, believe me!

I remember turning forty and having the strong sense that I'd entered into the Fellowship of the Middle-Ageds. It was a good feeling; a feeling strangely of accomplishment.

I've also read that men particularly hit their occupational stride in their forties, and find work begins to really consume them. This may not be the case for you, as you've followed a bit different path. But it may be the case that life becomes smoother and more rewarding, as you grow in wisdom and grace.

I'll tell ya about the fifties later, maybe.

One last thing: when I turned forty my chiropractor laughed and said, "Yeah! Now comes the age when your body parts start to fall apart!" No truer words...

Parade Rest said...

Most difficult? The birth day. I don't show it, but I was a breech. To this day I prefer leaving by the back door.

Most enthusiastic? 65, unless I'm broke. Most enthusiastic past birthday was probably 16. Driving.