Monday, April 20, 2009


Mid-afternoon cafe au lait and a scone;
Enough work to pay the bills;
Enough work completed to relax a bit here at the last week of another month.

Each successive, completed month of small-scale self-employment is a miracle
In the best of times.

I remember as a youth dreaming of this:
Independence; a life of work that satisfies and engages.
In the best of times.


Robin said...

So that is what's ahead of me?

What have I ever done to deserve this cruel, cruel fate?

Anonymous said...

Your post was catchy - I saw the Apple logo and thought it would be a perfect ad for a Mac computer.

This is totally unrelated, but there has been so much chatter about this Miss California thing... I participated in an iReport discussion on CNN regarding this, which was a little like walking through a pen of abused and angry pitbulls, and was wondering how Christians should properly respond to this nonsense about gay marriage and gay rights, etc., without feeling like we are talking to a brick wall. Maybe an idea for your next chat-pack question? Just a thought.

Indecisive Girl

Bruce Gee said...

thanks, Jill.

I don't know how to properly address the issues of gay/gay marriage. Positions are so polarized on this and so many other things in this country. I keep thinking that St. Paul lived and preached in an era of widespread homosexuality, and while he did deal with it, he finally returned to the message: "I determined to preach Christ and Him crucified." Our country is dying, we know that; we will need to find ways to offer hope to its citizens. It may end up being just a steady, droning preaching of the law is what they need. But I don't have any answers.

Unknown said...

Dude, its a Mac. I have one of the iMac G5s on my desk here at home blogging about Lutheran thoughts. Most of my blogging happens from the easy chair using my MacBook though.

Unknown said...