Monday, July 7, 2008

Major League Ballparks Tally

Never visit The Mall of America
Meet all three wives of the famous Preuss Brothers
Visit every major league ballpark
Sleep on a white sand beach with my wife.

All right. I'm well on my way. I've got #1 nailed so far, but life is long, and it is a winding road.
I am two-thirds toward goal #2, having met Klem's wife last week, and being an acquaintance of Rolf and Dort. That leaves the lovely spouse of Daniel Preuss yet to cast mine eyes upon, etc. etc.

The ball parks thing is of course a worthy goal. I visited Busch Stadium last week while in St. Louis for a conference. Troy Glaus hit a walk-off home run as the Cards beat the Mets. I went alone, meaning I was able to scalp a coveted second-row seat in left field. No scalper wants to be stuck with a single seat. I mean, who goes to ball games alone?

I do.

Here's my list so far:

Milwaukee County Stadium
Miller Park, Milwaukee
The stadium once known as Comiskey Park in Chicago
Wrigley Field in Chicago
Jacob's Field in Cleveland
The old Turner Field in Atlanta
The old Jack Murphy field in San Diego
JFK Stadium in Washington D.C.
Busch Stadium last week

I plan to catch a Rockies game when in Denver in early August.

Yes, there is a way to go, I know. But life is long and winding.
Oh. That last one? We're finally, finally headed to the Yucutan peninsula in September. I plan on snoozing, avec spouse, on a white sand beach somewhere.


Ethan said...

I like your list. Nice, accomplishable goals. So far, I've got:

1. Marry
2. Rule world

...I think I'm doomed.

Bruce Gee said...

You're doomed. First, the two items on your bucket list are mutually exclusive.

Second, with regard to #2, to quote Modest Mouse: "Who would wanna be, who would wanna be such a control freak?"

The key to a bucket list is to make it late in life, like me.

Pastor Peasant said...

Seems to me the ballpark thing in a never ending merry-go-round - as soon as you get close, another whole slew of ballparks get built! For instance, you visited RFK (yes, named for the brother, not JFK) in DC, but now they have the new "Nationals Park." So how will that work into your plans? ;-)

Good luck!

Bruce Gee said...

Well, there are only so many new ballparks that they can build, and that will soon be completed. I have relatives in San Diego and a sister in Vienna, VA, so it is likely I'll be visiting those new ballparks. The one in Atlanta is a bit tougher, but here's the thing: It's the journey, not the culmination, that is a joy.

I confess that I don't even care if I see them all. My bucket list is leaky.