Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Yucca plant breaks forth

Deb's Yucca thinks it is Springtime in the desert. It has done what it has never done before: burst forth into blossom. Glory.
It is July! Stop and savor it--you'll think back to it in January and wonder if it is real. The uncivilized world is bursting forth--berries ripe in the side and back yards; weeds of a dozen different kinds showing forth in all their finery. I wade in and thin them out of the berry patch, but they seem to know my efforts are silly. Life is very aggressive just now, as though the very creation also knows about its inevitable dormancy. We are at High Noon; the All Star game impends! Certainly there is time, we can stop this thing. We can sit on the deck and savor it; listen gradually to the increasing sound of fifty birds giving song. A nice old Scotch. I try to read something, but the life around me draws me away. No matter the words, they can't compete.

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