Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Presidential Election Year Civics Exam

Portrait by Gilbert Stuart

CIVICS, anyone? I haven't had a civics class since seventh grade.
Go ahead:
Take the test!

Here are 60 questions, some of them vewy twicky. On a few you just have to pick the least absurd answer.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting quiz. Thought provoking. I got 50 out of 60 for 83.3%. Is that a B?

I would have liked to have seen some questions about American law, too.

Norman Teigen
ELS layman

Cindy R. said...

I got 50 out of 60 as well. Then my husband had to go one-up me and score a 51.

Makes me want to go study.

Bruce Gee said...

50 out of 60 is an excellent score, I'll warrant. I'll bet there are plenty of college students who wouldn't do anywhere near that well. Consider yourself...citizens!

Anonymous said...

Hey....I did very well.

But question the choices in #3.
The government of the United States is a Republic.

That correct option was not offered as a choice.

Yikes !!

Bruce Gee said...

what a quick mind you have, Jane!
I think #3 was meant to be a trick question to some extent. Many people mistakenly think we are a Democracy, and the "indirect democracy" is probably meant to stump a bit. Could a Republic be described as government by "indirect democracy"? I think so, although it is less specific.

Anonymous said...

An indirect democracy?

Maybe not.

The Constitution guarantees each state in the the union a "republican" form of government.

The Pledge to the Flag speaks this way:

..."and to the Republic for which it stands...."

"Pure" democracy is expressed as "one man, one vote" and/or "majority rule".

The founders rejected that form as unacceptable because it failed to protect the minority.