Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ok, done with this basketball business

As the old song goes,

I'm through with romance.
I'm through with love.
I'm through with countin' the stars above.
And here's the reason that I'm so free:
My pretty baaaaby is through with me.

One of my Winter survival techniques is to watch college basketball, and since I randomly live near Madison Wisconsin I randomly follow and cheer for the Badgers.
And oh what a year it has been. Big Ten champs, B10 tourney champs, and getting as far as the Sweet Sixteen in the Big Dance. So a little Presbyterian school with 1750 students beat the living hope out of my boys? So what, they had a wonderful year.
But now that they're done, the bloom is off the rose as far as my caring a lot about college basketball anymore.

Some fan I've turned out to be. But you know, is basketball for the fan or the fan for basketball, is what I want to know. I figure it is there to serve me.

Bring on baseball and the Brewers, for whom I will randomly cheer!

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