Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Colin's Favorite Second Grade Class

My son Colin's Second Grade Class in Seoul, Korea.
They don't look like trouble to me...

And hey. Peace to you, too!


Anonymous said...

Hey Bruce, As a former 'pagan' you know you can't trust those peace-niks?! That Korean toddler, he's probably really flashing you a Winnie! You know, Winston Churchill - he was asking 'you want a drag off his cigar?' Only this one's asking for a toke off your 'j'. You're correct - these kiddies look like they love their teacher. I think some Dude may need to take some of the 'fils' opines about Korea with a gram of scotch. Maybe, they didn't get 'enough' while they were there? Guy Madison

scott said...

Is his class a pretty average cross section of Korean kids? Because most of the boys look like young nerds, while the girls look pretty normal, compared to US kids.

It might say alot about the culture, or not, but I'm curious.

Bruce Gee said...

Not sure, Scott.
The kids are in a very ritzy Catholic school--all rich kids. The uniforms are going to hide social differences of course, so it is hard to know.
I would assume that they LOOK like normal, typical second grade Korean city kids.