Friday, March 27, 2009


Note: This one isn't from the actual Chat Pack. I borrowed it from a movie.

Including up to five things, give me your bucket list.

A bucket list, FYI, is a list of unusual things you plan to do before you expire.


Bruce Gee said...

Here are a couple of mine:

Catch spring training baseball in both Az and Fla in the same year.

Revisit with my wife the island of Crete.

Visit one of my children in a lost and forsaken and foreign place. "Mr. Gee, I presume?" Not that unlikely, I assure you.

Bi-Coloured-Python-Rock-Snake said...

Oh, Crete! What a beautiful island. If you get back there, do visit the beach at Matala. It is without parallel.

So, to mine. (Due warning, I've thought about this for a LONG time, but am eternally conflicted. So these are strictly off the top of my head.)

Climb Kilimanjaro.

Complete an epic trek (Silk Road, Appalachian Trail, or somesuch).

Get to space, or failing that, spend a spell in Antarctica.

See (but not climb!) Mt Everest.

Devote a serious block of time to really getting to know the United States.

Huh, notice how these all have to do with traveling? Go figure.

Bruce Gee said...

Yes, mine too. In the original movie, the rich guy wanted to "do" stuff, the poor mechanic wanted to "experience" some unique and nice things.

Don't wait too long for the climbing Kilimanjaro thing, you African you. The thing is, you get into your fifties and stuff--physical stuff--doesn't work as well as when you were young and eternal.