Friday, September 5, 2008

Heard Today on a Madison Radio Station

Talking Head #1: "Palin talks about community organizers. Let me tell you something. Jesus was a community organizer! And Pontius Pilate was the Governor."

Talking Head #2: "Whoa. You've really got the knives out this morning!"

Talking Head #1: "And Lieberman is Judas."

No, there's no Messiah Complex out there.


Bi-Coloured-Python-Rock-Snake said...

Hahahahaha. Too perfect.

Ethan said...




Anonymous said...

These days community organizers are mostly beholdin' to leftist race hustlers who are just trying to extort a buck.

Palin actually has sent bucks back to the citizens of her state.

Just the same, we can't have someone shake up the system like that...better to vote for the two wind-bags that have never really achieved anything for the people but to give them lip service.

Anonymous said...

Rather late with this comment - you'd have thought that this meme would be completely dead by now.

Someone commented on Cleveland radio yesterday:

Pontius Pilate was the guy that voted: "present"