Monday, March 1, 2010

Heartland Furniture (that's me) New Web Site

I've finally gotten a business web "presence." Is that right? Presence? REAL presence? Ok, anyway. I've slogged together something that is halfway respectable but not too respectable, as is my wont. Please feel free to take a peek. It features lots of photos of past work, in hopes of encouraging future work. I do like to work.

You'll find me here. The site is still being developed, so go easy on it. My guy Scott who has been helping from a distance has already pointed half a dozen things--"nitpicky stuff" he calls it. They don't sound nitpicky to me, but I'm probably hypercritical as is my wont.

Did I mention you could find my new business website here?
Ah. Oh.


Christy said...

Beautiful! You're so talented! :)

Unknown said...

Nice site. I didn't know you had so many pictures.

Bruce Gee said...

Thanks, Christy. You;re so nice.

Hey, Colin! If I'd bothered, I could have had a lot more, but sloth, you know, is a difficult thing to overcome. Rebecca is sending pics of the candy dispenser machine I built for her, and I'll add more as I find them. I've got a whole slew of stuff I've done for Beaudet that isn't listed. I could do a whole webpage of Beaudet items. But thanks.


Elephantschild said...

LOVE! seeing all the pictures! What lovely work.

I've got to get you some of the pictures of the interior joining work the guys in the production department do. It's inside an organ - hardly anyone will ever see it, and it's mostly in lowly clear poplar --but I could gaze at the beauty of the joinery all day.

The show-offs often build square wood wind lines, too, that twist and turn and snake their way thru the superstructure of the organs. Pretty cool.

Bruce Gee said...

Organ making would be a lot of fun. I'm in awe of some of the woodworking I've seen by those guys.
And southern yellow poplar may be lowly, but I've combined it with Honduran mahogany to make some nice looking pieces. The whitish wood in the Beaudet Chiropractic Office photos is yellow poplar, white when it is new but by now has mellowed to a light yellow-brown color. It is considered a secondary furniture wood, but I like to break the rules.

Elephantschild said...

How did you work around the green tint that poplar sometimes has?

Bruce Gee said...

The green tint is the heartwood, and it turns a lovely brown when it ages. That usually happens within a few weeks, so I've never had to work around it.