Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Made It

Ah, driving through Indiana in January! I stopped to snap some photos of some of the more interesting church billboards, etc. One definitely needs music whilst driving solo through this flatland. I've got a future post in mind, stand by. I can't upload pics from here.

The drive consisted of two listen-throughs of Dylan's MODERN TIMES, a listen-through of Sufjan's ILLINOISE, and one of Shane Jackman's cd. I missed the first lecture in favor of sleeping in and reading the rest of Frankie Schaefer's book about his son becoming a Marine (great read, whatever it is). Thanks, Jane Kerner, for the book.

More anon.


Unknown said...

Drive safe, Paterfam.

Bruce Gee said...

Thanks, jeune fils. I made it home ok. It was fun being a Lutheran monk for part of a week. It sure beats stripping painted furniture, which is in my near future.

It would have been a lot of fun having you there, Colin. You could have warned me, for example, not to go see THE BUCKET LIST, for beginners. What yuhnkay.