Friday, January 11, 2008

I'm Off To See The Wizard

Well, beautiful downtown Fort Wayne, to be more specific.

I'm sure there is a wizard of some kind at the sem.

It is Symposium time! I haven't been in some years, but I've been let out of my cage for the week to attend.

This year's general theme is The Atonement, a lovely and enticing theme if ever there was one. For those of you who don't know about this seminal event in the life of Lutheranism, the 2008 Symposia Series at Concordia Theological Seminary is the latest in a decades-long series of the best theology being done. ATONEMENT FOR SIN IN THE SCRIPTURES is its current manifestation, and ought to cause slavering and drool, metaphorically speaking, in anyone who cares about Lutheran theology.

This is, strictly speaking, an open conference, or at least I'm telling myself it is. That means persons belonging to congregations belonging to synods which are not in fellowship with the LCMS may attend without their consciences being bound by the constrictions of prayer and table fellowship. No prayers to start these things. There IS prayer, and worship, but it is set apart in the chapel, and so is something that can be avoided for those so oriented. If I have this wrong in some way, let me know.

I'm going alone, without my friend Don Morrow who usually attends with me. The bum has moved to Raleigh, NC, and is too busy with a new career to get away. And I haven't been able to pry my other friend (I have but two) Neil Bartlett away from his hobby of supporting his family as a writer. So I will go as a Lutheran monk, in solitude and prayer, and try to have enough fun for two of us.

Whilst there: I'll try to sweet-talk my way onto a computer network and post. There are some really cool looking lectures coming up, for those of us with no social lives. To wit:


THE MEANING OF CHRIST'S DEATH IN EVANGELICAL THEOLOGY with Dr. Lawrence Rast, an old acquaintance who teaches a really mean one-week course in 19th century American Christianity. Well, the beer helps.

What else? I mean, seventeen lectures. Lots of coffee. Lots of Lutheran Bubs. Higher Things is having a get-together Tuesday night that I plan to crash.

Ooh. Here's one that's hot! ATONEMENT AND THE TWO KINDS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS. Hot topic in Lutheranism. Stay tuned. I'll take notes.

Dr. Weinrich is doing something called "GOD DID NOT MAKE DEATH": The Sacrifice of Christ as the Life of Man: ATHANASIUS ON THE ATONEMENT. Juicy. Can't wait. Jesse Jacobsen, eat your heart out, cowboy. This dog will be at the trough.!

Ok. That last comment was unnecessary. But to prove I'm insincere, I won't edit it out.

So anyway. Wrap your mind around this sad thought: I'm going to FORT WAYNE INDIANA in January, and calling it a VACATION. I'll take pictures. It won't be pretty.


Ethan said...

Ack! Take me with you! College won't mind! I'm sure I can get credit for it, somehow... ack...

Anonymous said...

I hope to see you there. I too am very much looking forward to hearing on this topic. As for the computer network, there should be access for you, if it has been as it has been for the past few years. Safe travel.

Bruce Gee said...

You know, RevJDouthwaite sir, that I could very easily "see you there" and not be aware of it.

I'll be wearing socially-incorrect longish greyish hair and blue jeans. There can't be too many there looking like that. Feel free to come up to any meeting that description, and introduce yourself.

I'm driving alone from Madison, WI. Need a ride? I mean, if you're not in, say, Memphis?

Bruce Gee said...

Ethan, peace, man. College may not mind, but your English profs might. I somehow doubt that they'd buy into "But I'm going to be at a Missouri Synod seminary!" as an excuse for cutting class. Not even with a note from me.

Ethan said...


Och. Well, have fun for me too, then, and give HT my best/worst. And do take notes on the "two kinds of righteousness," I'm interested to see what's said on that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the offer of a ride, but you'd have to swing through Northern Virginia to pick me up! :-) I think I remember what you look like from when we had the honor of a visit from you at my church. If not, I'll just introduce myself to all fitting your description -- that shouldn't be too many!

Bruce Gee said...

Ah, now I remember. St. Athanasius Church' pastor, right? I met you when my son and I attended church there with Ed Veith.

The offer of a ride is formally rescinded. Have a safe trip, and I'll see you at the sem.