Friday, November 2, 2007


Forget all you ever knew about how to "do" church. Start with a blank sheet of paper and question every assumption. Oh, and remember your Bible, it may come in handy.
Bill Hybbels and Willow Creek Baptist Church thought they were on to something, and managed to encourage people by the thousands to dabble in their new way of doing "church". Using business models, insights--some of which were even modelled in scripture--and research, the Hybbels people reimagined church for thousands of American churches, emphasizing "seeker sensitive" worship which massaged and never offended. Packed with programs to therapeutically help people "live into" deeper spiritual lives, Willow Creek became an iconic force in American Christianity.
But now comes word--from their very own research--that they've been wrong all along. The Package didn't really help people become more spiritual, whatever that means. Read the story here.

Thanks to Jane Kerner for the referral!

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Frank Sonnek said...

What they are doing RIGHT is the self criticism. It would be really great if our group followed THAT example. On the other hand they are looking for something that "works" or some magic formula or combination. and they are looking in all the wrong places to find their answers.