Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Application To Become A Green Bay Packer Fan

Name ______________ CB Handle_______________
Mobile Home Color: __ Two-Tone, Brown & White__Pink & White__Faded
Neck Shade: ___Light Red___Med. Red___Dark Red
Model of Pickup Truck_________Size of Tires_______
Number of Teeth Exposed (With Full Grin)--Upper:____Lower:____
Length of Right Leg____Length of Left Leg____

Note:To be accepted you must be honest and you must be able to check at least 20 items from the questions below. You may check more than one item per question.

1.I am in love with:
____My brother's wife_____Mother-in-law

2. My favorite music:

3. My favorite meal:
____Head cheese and Old Style
____Venison sausage and Old Style
____Cheese curds and Old Style
____Seven course dinner (Brat and six pack)

4.Preferred Weapon:
____12 gauge shotgun ____Tire iron
____Forehead ____Chain saw
____Ice augur ____Beer bottle

5. Primary Auto:
____'67 Ford Galaxy
____'67 Ford Galaxy with transmission
____'67 Ford Galaxy with Chevy transmission
____'67 Ford Galaxy with Chevy transmission and '71 Buick engine.

6. I usually greet people by saying:
____"Ya hey dere"
____"Dem Packers is playing like a bunch a old women"
____"Day should take a whole bunch a dem Madisom liberals
and just line 'em up an shoot 'em!"

7: I can count to:
____Ten (10) ____Twenty (20) (With shoes off)

8. Pick one:
____Someone is helping me read this.
____Someone is reading this to me.

9. Favorite Reading:
____Fishing Facts ____Beer bottle labels
____Guns & Ammo ____Tractor manuals

10. Things In My Front Yard:
____Car on blocks ____Transmissions
____Various kitchen Appliances
____Deer hanging from tree (In season)
____Deer hanging from tree (Out of season)

11. My favorite female in the world is:
____My mom ____My sister
____Both, cuz I think my sister is my mom.

12. I mostly wear:
____Polyester leisure suits
____Packers belt buckle
____Packers cheese head hat

13. The most memorable event I ever attended:
____Miocqua moose calling competition
____OMSGA Outboard Motor Repair Finals
____Lake Tomahawk Crew Cut Championships
____Carp Queen Beauty Contest
____Spread Eagle Proctologists Convention

14. My favorite entertainment is:
____Deer hunting while drinking
____Watching Green Acres while drinking
____Snowmobiling while drinking
____Ice fishing while drinking

Signed by:____________________Date:________

Note: Somebody handed this to me at a Green Bay Packers game party.
I have no idea who wrote it, but you could probably credit Jeff Foxworthy.