Sunday, October 17, 2010

Field Trip

I accompanied the Verona High School Science Club to Ski Hi Orchard and a hike at Devil's Lake on Saturday, giving them a quick tour of the orchard (including hands on apple picking which is always a big thrill no matter what the age). Here's a view of the south end of Devil's Lake from atop the bluffs, just above Balance Rock.

Anke the German Shepherd came along, awash in glorious affectionate petting from everyone she met. And to end a nice climb up and down the bluff with a nice wade in the largest drinking pond she'd ever seen! Glory. She slept all the way home.


Anonymous said...

Hey its Dave. Thanks for the great shot of Devil's Lake. This fall, I went home with my wife and youngest. My folks and the three of us walked out a bit on the West trail along the lake and sat on a few rocks for more than an hour ... just talking and soaking up the surroundings. I feel very fortunate to have grown up there.

Anonymous said...

Recently painted the walls and I was sorting through pictures that don't quite fit the color scheme and found a lithograph you might like. I mailed it to 1923. Not a Christmas present, just sharing. Oh! It is wrapped in the usual brown paper envelope! Happy Christmas!
A. Nonymouse