Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Amazing, Spiral-Turned, Steam-Bent, Woven Back Cherry Rocker

I have the most amazing rocking chair in my shop. You've never seen anything like it.

I also have a request: I have written a very brief survey on a project I'm working on (I wasn't really abducted by aliens, but after I get going on this project you'll wish I had been). Take you two minutes to fill it out. And as a SPECIAL BONUS for taking the time, I've written an essay WITH PICTURES about this amazing (Did I say amazing?) rocking chair. Did I mention the essay comes complete with PICTURES?? Ah, guess I did.

You can take the survey, and grab a link to the essay, by just clicking on this:


Many thanks, and be kind. Be kind.

Oh, and comments. I love comments. In the survey.


Jill said...

I filled out the survey!

Ethan said...

I believe I've failed to mention this, though I think it every time I see that picture: that rocking chair is AWESOME. When I initiate the End Times by uniting all the world into one Empire under me, you will be my Royal Carpenter.

Bruce Gee said...

Thanks for the thought Ethan. Royal Carpenter under you , eh? Come quickly, Lord Jesus!