Thursday, December 3, 2009

Deb's Kindness Cleansing Diet For Husbands

Or, her husband, at any rate.

Homemade almond milk, apples, cashews, beets, yellow beets, and greens,greens, greens.
That's what I'm talkin' about!

Every day a new version.


Jill said...

Do you feel better after drinking it? I have never seen lettuce put into a blender before. Cool.

Bruce Gee said...

Lettuce, spinach, Deb hides all sorts of unspeakables in those smoothies. Usually they are green, but the beets have a way of dominating the color.
They actually are very tasty, and yes, eventually you start to feel a lot better. The idea isn't so much weight loss as cleansing of toxins. It isn't as fast and furious as a pure juice diet, which is why I call it the Kindness diet. Me? I'd rather be eating ribeye. But age and all those years of exposure to toxins have started catching up to me.

The immediate thing I'm after is reduction in joint inflammation. These diets are designed with that in mind. I hadn't been able to walk very far for about six months. I'm slowly getting that back, and can now do my usual two mile a day walk. So yes, this is definitely helping.

Weird science, you ask me.

Jill said...

Sounds very interesting, indeed. Looks like she uses just a regular blender for everything, then? And I'm also curious, are you just supplementing with these shakes or are you substituting meals with them?

I'm only asking because I've thought of trying it myself... weird science is catchy, you know.

Christy said...

That's great! I love making experimental smoothies! Luke is the chef in our house...I just eat the stuff. :)

Bruce Gee said...

Unfortunately, no, that is no ordinary blender. We had for years used a VitaMix, which is a wonderful machine. This is better; something Deb just bought recently.

One smoothie a day, supplemented with salads, if I'm feeling pious, or the usual stuff, if I'm feeling rebellious. Usually, rebellious.

Last year we were going with a banana base, but both of us got sick of bananas, so the almond milk has been sort of the base lately. (Soak almonds overnight, blend to paste in the water you soaked them in, drain, and presto: almond milk.) Great stuff.

Hi, Christy!!

Jill said...

That is a really great idea. I need to think about getting something like that. I am tentatively planning on traveling to Taiwan for 10 days in March, and would like my health to be as good as possible before getting there. A "kindness" diet might give me a boost. Thanks for the info!

nossasenhora2 said...

I loved the Vitamix, but now the Blendtec has a bigger carafe. Plus it has some things about it which I like a lot that always bugged me about the Vitamix (easier to clean, easier to get the contents out, fits under the cupboards).
Here's something about it:
"Blendtec just came out with a larger carafe (3qt/96oz instead of 2qt/64oz) with a longer blade (4 inches rather than 3 inches), which will fit on any Blendtec Blender base. This discovery is HUGE!!!... and the benefits are MANY!!!. The top three benefits of this new container in my opinion are that it doesn't oxidize the food nearly as much, it is the most effective blender for rapidly blending food down to a liquid form, and it is BPA FREE."

I was saving for the Vitamix 5200 but I got a good deal on a Blendtec (email me if you want a link) for quite a bit off a demo model.

Also, on the almond milk; soak for 8 hours or so, rinse thoroughly and blend with clean water (not the soak water) and strain. Delicious!

Check out for videos of how to make some of this stuff.

Jill said...

I would be interested in this link you speak of. Unfortunately, I tried to click on your profile to e-mail you, but your profile was hidden. Bruce, I tried finding an e-mail address on yours but didn't see one on there, either. My e-mail address is
Hopefully no spammers will peruse through this post and start sending me lots of love! Thank you in advance for the link. I always love an inside deal.

Bruce Gee said...

I'll have Deb email you.

sasmiks said...

Bruce, where is the garlic?
Just found this blog. Good to see you!
Mark S. from ex GSBTL church!