Saturday, August 8, 2009

Church Softball Leagues and Bad Theology

The Wisconsin State Journal ran an article on its opinion page, back on August 5, about church softball leagues. I thought, "Hm. Ok, good move!" Then I read further. The writer, presumably a Christian, had a nasty collision with another member of his team, both scrambling for a popped up ball. He stopped me cold with this little zinger, though:

"Some might point out, correctly, that the softball gods were merely punishing me for committing the cardinal sin of failing to call off the shortstop..."
Grrrrr. I have no sense of humor about this sort of little gaffe.

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Anonymous said...

Speaking of good theology..and as you give shelter to at least one Asia watcher - you could do worse than spend 2 hours and 13 minutes seeing 'Departures' - though one dislikes paying tribute money to Robert Redford. They celebrate Christmas too.