Sunday, December 30, 2007

Predictions For The New Year

  • The cardinal will hit the window.
  • It'll be Clinton/Richardson vs. Romney/McCain.
  • The boys will add a minimum of six new stamps to their passports.
  • The book club will finally read some serious poetry, while sipping Chartreuse.
  • Robin will see Ireland.
  • The Brewers will finally play in the postseason!
  • There will be at least one Al Queda attack on our homeland; a sort of "going away" present for the president.
  • The puppy Anke will wonder what happened to all of that lovely, cold, white wet fun fluffy stuff. She'll learn to run alongside a bicycle, and discover the proper place for a dog to take a dump. Goodness.
  • Or maybe it'll be Guiliani vs. Obama.
  • The earth will continue to warm up, while at the same time it will cool off. Weird, huh?
  • We may all have to learn how to cook a wolf.

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